Lead Generation in Turkey

Finding a lead is a difficult process. But if you know how to search it, you can make this process easier. There are several ways to search and find leads online in Turkey. When you choose a sector to find leads, then you can start.

You will find lots of information when you start to search online. You don’t need to save all the data you find. You have to eliminate some of them. How can you eliminate and find the necessary information?

  • Check the Website: Always check if the company you find as a lead has a website or not. If they don’t have a website, then you shouldn’t waste any more time on that lead.
  • Contact Information: Some companies only have contact forms on their website. You won’t be able to find an email address or a phone number. You can check “Mesafeli Satış Sözleşmesi”, “KVKK Sözleşmesi”, “Gizlilik Sözleşmesi” and there you may find an email address and company’s business name. But don’t take the company’s KEP email address. If you can’t find any contact information (email address or phone number) you should stop wasting time on that lead. If you find the email address, you can make cold emailing, if you only have a phone number, you can directly call and ask for an email address or make a cold calling.

What are the tools to find leads?

  • Mersis
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Search