Sending the Right Email

Setting expectation arouses curiosity for the receiver who reads your emails. Because you set the expectation for them. You lead them to their needs about your product and make them wonder to check your website.

Creating an email layout is important to understand your content. You need to decide these things according to your leads segment:

  • Font type and size
  • Putting an image or not
  • Making a video or not

For example, you have leads who are lawyers. Lawyers have an intensive work schedule, they don’t have much time to watch even a short video. So you shouldn’t waste your time making a video for your cold emails. Instead of this, you should focus on type font and size. Your email needs to be readable and understandable quickly.

When you create your content for cold emailing, consider that personalized emails make a difference to cold emails. Imagine that you receive an email appealing to you and you would want to open that email and wonder what it is. Personalizing is crucial when you create email content.

Timing is another important thing for cold emailing. For example, Monday mornings start busy for all of us. Nobody would check your email primarily. So, Monday morning is not a good time to send emails to your leads. You need to schedule your time according to your,

  • Leads’ sector,
  • General busy work days/hours (ex. Monday Mornings)