STEP 3 – Sequence – Creating Email Content (A/B Test)

This is where you create your email content. This step is really important. Lemlist offers you two options. The first one is you can check their templates. The other is you can create your own email content which is the one we examine.

Email Templates on Lemlist
Creating Your Email Template on Lemlist

We strongly recommend you to select A/B test. So what is A/B test? A/B testing (also known as split testing) is a process of sending two variants of the same email content with small differences of the content and comparing which variant drives more conversions. Therefore, you create two email contents and you just make small changes between those email contents.

Creating Content – A/B Test

You can arrange the times you want to send the follow-up emails. Let’s say you want to send a second email three days after sending the first email. You can also set up the days between these steps.

Set up Sending Days

You should know that the second email (step 2 on the image) will be sent 3 days*24 hours later. For example, the first mail is sent at 1 PM afternoon on Monday. The system calculates 3 days* 24 Hours based on that time. For the 3rd email, the system waits 5 days*24 Hours based on the second email sending time.


  • For the sender’s signature: Each user has to set up their signature individually. To set up the signature follow these step: settings -> email signature
  • For the smart BCC: Each user has to save the Smart BCC email address individually. To set up the Smart BCC follow these step: settings -> integrations