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With the Voicemail feature in Hipcall, you can direct your callers to the voicemail when you are not available to pick your calls or when you are out of office hours.

Please follow the steps below to activate voicemail in your phone system.

  1. On the top navigation menu, go to Settings > Phone > Voicemails.

2. Click on Add voicemail on top right of the page.

3. Give your voicemail a name and extension number. Click on I want to upload my custom voicemail announcement if you don’t want to use the default greeting message.

4. Click Save to save the changes.

Once you are done creating your custom voicemail, you can use it for out of business hours, or in any greeting messages.

  • To use it for out of office hours, go to Settings- Phone- Numbers.
  • Find the number to use for voicemail and click the button on right and choose Edit.
  • In Business Hours settings, choose the voicemail in the list as Close Destination.
  • You can also use the voicemail in regular business hours, to use it in an announcement, go to Settings- Phone – Greetings.
  • Find the greeting and click the button on right and choose Edit.
  • Under Input settings, you can select between 0-9. For example, you can choose the voicemail as a target for input 2. This way, only the people who presses 2 in the greeting message will be directed to voicemail.