Call forwarding

In Hipcall, you can forward your incoming calls to an external number. Call forwarding only works when your status is available. If your status is busy or away, the system won’t be able to transfer your call to an external number.

To set up call forwarding, please follow the steps below.

  1. Click on your avatar and go to Profile.
  2. Click on call forwarding under phone settings.
  3. Select when you want the calls to be forwarded.
  4. Select your phone number in Hipcall.
  5. Type your external number that the calls will be forwarded to.

After you save the changes, your calls will be forwarded to the external number of your choice. Please note that, forwarding will work only when the caller directly presses your extension or the call comes through the greeting announcement. ¬†Forwarding system doesn’t work for the calls that are transferred to a team.