Google Search in Turkey for Lead Generation

Google search is the most common way to find leads. But, you just can’t find the contact information easily. There are several ways to do that.

  • Let’s say you want to search about ‘red sweater’ on Google. You simply type red sweater to search but Google will find every page includes red, sweater, and red sweater. This makes finding leads even harder. When you use quotation marks, Google will show you the results that only include “red sweater”. This will help you to find the correct information.
  • You can type with quotation marks “lawyer” and find websites that include the word “lawyers” which are mostly law firms.
  • You can type the extension of the websites with quotation marks. For example, you search for law firms in Turkey. You can type ””. Because, most of the law firms’ website’s link extension is “” in Turkey.

You can also search for company lists. There are websites where you can list companies by categories or cities. These websites’ names can change but the main idea is always the same. For example, is the website that you can list companies.