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How to add a new number to Hipcall?

In Hipcall, you can have many VoIP numbers added to your account. For example, you can have different VoIP numbers for all your office locations or you can have couple of different numbers for each deparments such as sales, support, technical to handle your calls easier and to be more organized. To add a new number in your Hipcall account please follow the steps below.

Firstly on the top navigation menu, go to Settings. Click on Phone and select Numbers. Click Add number button on the right side of the page.

  1. On the first step type in your VoIP number and give it a name.
  2. After that, type in your host/IP address which you can get from your phone number provider and type a port number.

3. Choose a time zone and set up your business hours. You can choose always open 24/7, always closed or you can manually choose your hours. After that, you need to select call destination for open and out of business hours.

4. Optionally, you can choose the users who can use the number for outgoing calls.

5. You can optionally upload your own holding on music from your computer.

6. Optionally, you can upload a custom ring tone to your Hipcall account.

7. Lastly, click on save button.