Lead Generation by LinkedIn

There are many websites that we can use to find leads but it is like an endless ocean and you should find the right place to fish. LinkedIn is one of the great websites that we can use to find the right leads. To find leads in LinkedIn, there are several extensions we need to find email addresses of our leads. We will examine one of these useful extensions to reach email addresses of our potential customers. The extension is called Sales QL. This extension helps us to find all the contact information of our leads. So how do we use it?


Type the sector name you want to search for. When you type, you can use quotation marks. Ex. “telecommunication”

Searching on LinkedIn


When you enter what you type in the searching tool, the system will list you many different profiles. You should select companies on the filter.

Filter on LinkedIn


Now, you can search websites and the people who work there.

Exploring on LinkedIn

Finding Contact Information

Here is the difficult part. You can always find email addresses about a company. But the important thing is, it is crucial to find personal email addresses. At this point, there are lots of softwares and extensions. We will show you one of the extensions to find email addresses.

The extension is called “Sales QL”. It helps to find contact information. It only works when the personal LinkedIn page is visible to everyone. There is a plus button right next to the related person. When you click that button, the system tries to find the contact information of that person. There you can collect the info you need to reach out to your leads.

Finding Contact Information

Like this extension, there are several email finder extensions for LinkedIn. Most of these extensions are paid extensions but you can try their free trials.