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Mobile Softphone – Zoiper Android

By using your Hipcall user account on Zoiper Android app, you can receive calls and make outgoing calls on your mobile phone. Please follow the steps below to add your user account to Zoiper app.

Firstly, you need to go to the Google Play Store and download Zoiper app.

For the configuration, you will need SIP account details. To display your account details, please go to Profile- Sip Settings on your Hipcall account.

On this page, you can display hostname and user name, to see your SIP password click on Regenerate.

On the next page, please click on Generate a new password.

You can display your password once, so we recommend you to save it.

After you find your account details, please open the Zoiper app.

Enter your SIP user name in user name field and enter your SIP password in the password field. Click on Create an account button.

On the next page, enter your SIP host name that you can display on your Hipcall account. Click Next.

Click on Skip button here.

If your SIP account details are entered correctly, your account will be registered. If none of the bars is green then we recommend you to check your account details again.

Click Finish to complete the configuration.

By clicking on the menu button on the top left section, you can see if your account is activated.