Segmentation by Competitors

First step is that you need to list your competitors. Most of them have happy customers list, or references list on their website. After that, you should look into those lists and make your leads.

This process is a little bit more complicated than the others. Because you need to convince these people to buy your product or service. It is always expensive to make this kind of change for a company. You should show them the benefits and positive differences of your product/service and how it actually differs from the one they already have.

Why should we segment our leads by competitors?

  • It helps to understand what type of customers prefer your competitors.
  • It helps to understand your competitors and their products and services.
  • Knowing your competitors makes you more advantageous. It means that when you understand your competitors and their customers, you may be able to understand those customers’ pain points. Therefore, you can improve your product or your service to make it more advantageous.