What are lead and lead generation?

Lead in email marketing means a potential customer that we have never contacted before. Lead generation is the progress to find leads.

Leads are the potential customers that don’t know anything about our company and products. Therefore, the first impression is very important. But before that, the question is, how do we find leads and how do we generate leads? There are many different ways to generating leads.

  1. Google Search: Well, simply type what you are looking for and search for it but it will be like swimming in the ocean. So, when you decide on which sector’s leads you want to dive into, narrow down your Google search results. How do we narrow the results down? Always use quotation marks when you type in Google. In this way, you will find only what you are searching for.
  2. LinkedIn: Social media is a perfect platform to find leads. LinkedIn is one of the popular social media platform for lead generation.
  3. Facebook Groups: Like LinkedIn, Facebook Groups are great platforms to find leads. You can look at the members of the group for lead generation.
  4. Employment Websites for Job Listings: Most of the companies are posting job lists on career websites. For examle, Indeed is a perfect employment website for lead generation.

These are the most common ways for generating leads. You can create new ways to find leads as long as they become your customers.