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What is an extension and their type?

Businesses and other organizations use telephone extension numbers to route calls within their internal telephone systems. Extension dialing is an efficient way to contact specific groups or individuals in companies. In Hipcall, every account user can have an extension number which is a short number assigned to them. For example, an account user can have an extension number as 1003.

Typically, a caller dials the company’s main number firstly, then dials the extension number for a connection to the person he wants to reach directly for a better communication.

You can have different types of extensions. For example, when the target extension is an account user then they have a user extension type. If you have a greeting announcement as a target extension, the extension type will be greeting. When you have a team as an extension target, the extension type will be team.

To see your extensions in your Hipcall account, please go to Settings > Phone > Extensions.