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What is call record and how to setup it?

A call record is the recording of an incoming or outgoing call that you had in Hipcall. Hipcall allows you to record calls, and then you’re able to listen to or download these recordings later on. With call recording, you can easily determine the strengths and weaknesses in the customer support process by listening to call records.

Call recording is a feature that enables you to record incoming, outgoing or internal calls. You can listen to these records whenever you want.

To set up call recording, please follow the steps below.

  1. On the top navigation menu, go to Settings > Phone > Phone Settings.
  2. Choose call record settings on the side bar menu.
  3. Click on update call record option button and here you can choose the types of calls that will be recorded such as internal, incoming and outgoing calls.
  4. Click save button to update your preferences.

You can always go to Settings > Phone > Phone Settings and change the preferences.