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What is SLA and how to setup it?

SLA (service level) in Hipcall refers to percentage of calls that are answered within a given time period. For example, when you set up service level to be 30 seconds, the system will calculate the percentage of calls that are answered within first 30 seconds and display the calculated percentage as service level.

Service Level can help the call center management to make a data-driven decisions. Calculating and monitoring service levels helps you understand how well your call center is performing and improving call centre service level can have a huge impact on your service quality.

To set up service level, please follow the steps below.

  1. On the top navigation menu, go to Settings > Phone > Phone Settings.
  2. Choose Phone metric settings on the side bar.
  3. Click update service level button to define seconds for service level.
  4. Type in your preferred seconds and click save to update the settings.

You can change the seconds in Settings > Phone> Phone Settings page.