How to Use Mersis

MERSIS is an official platform by the government that you can use to find official information about limited companies and incorporated companies.

Which information do you need to search? (Only one of them is enough to search)

  • Company’s Tax Number
  • Company’s Mersis Number
  • Company Name
  1. First you need to sign up. Then you can search for detail information of companies.
Main Webpage of MERSIS

2. There are 4 ways to sign up and log in. You can choose whichever you want.

MERSIS Sign up and Log in Page

3. When you log in, you should click the button “Sorgular -> Firma Sorgu”.

Searching Part on MERSIS

4. Now you can search by MERSIS number, tax number or company name.

Searching by MERSIS Number, Tax Number or Company Name

5. It is time to examine what we have found:

Searching by MERSIS Number, Tax Number or Company Name

a. You can see the main company and its branches. You need to look at the main company. When you click on it, the information about company will be displayed on the left side.
b. You should always check if the company is active or not.
c. This is the section where you can view the company owner(s).
d. Now you can see the name of the owner(s) and their duty time. Don’t search for the company owner whose duty time is over.

What will MERSIS do for us?

  • You can check the location of the company.
  • You can check if company is active or not.
  • You can check the owner(s) of the company.

So, you can search for right leads. When you have the name of the company owner, you can make a search on social media or use some extensions and find the company owner’s business email address. And that will give you some data of right leads.