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Voicemail Settings

When you activate the voicemail in Hipcall, your callers can leave a message when you cannot be reached. Please follow the steps below to activate voicemail for your user account.

Note: For voicemail to activate, the call must come through an announcement or the caller must dial your extension number directly. Voicemail is not activated for calls coming through a team.

  1. Click on your avatar and go to Profile.
  2. Click on Voicemail under phone settings.
  3. Click on Update button.

4. On the state section, click on button to activate it.

5. Under Announcement section, click on I want to upload my custom voicemail announcement, if you don’t want to use the default voicemail greeting.

6. In the Action part, you can choose whether you want the system to send you an e-mail notification or create a task assigned to you when you receive a voicemail.

7. Click on Save button to make the changes.